Digestate dryer

Exhaust gas dryer for liquid or pressed-out digestate of a biogas plant. The dryer is integrated into the exhaust gas flow of the block heat and power plant (BHPP). Our dryers are available in the following output versions: STR-8/A 2-chamber dryer for BHPP outputs from 150 to 350 kW, electric; STR-12/A 3-chamber dryer for BHPP outputs from 350 to 700 kW, electric. For higher BHPP outputs, the exhaust gas flow can be allocated to several dryers in series.

The thermal efficiency has an evaporation capacity of 750 W per litre of water. Our dryers comply with the Renewable Energy Law and fully qualify for a bonus within the scope of a fertiliser production. The energy measurement for the cogeneration bonus is done in real-time.

Ammonium is already bound during the drying procedure and is contained in the dried digestate in the form of concentrated ammonium sulphate.

During the drying procedure, the digestate is completely hygienised and can therefore be marketed as a fertiliser according to the fertiliser law. Our dryers are acknowledged as a hygienisation stage. During the procedure, formaldehyde is bound to become utropine (dry spirit). An oxidation catalyst is completely replaced. The values fall far below the new thresholds of 30 ppm which is required to receive the bonus.

TÜV and DEKRA certificates confirm that the exhaust gas flow is cleaned during the drying procedure. The emissions after the dryer are lower than before the dryer. The drying procedure has the effect of a bio filter on the exhaust gas flow.